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Gibbon (Siamang) Trek.//Mount Leuser National Park-part of Bukit Lawang

Try A Gibbon trek to have more your special.....about the wild and animals.............
study the characters and behaves.............//


Trekking one day
35 eu/p
Trekking two days one night
70 eu/p
Trekking three days two nights
105 eu/p

Trekking five days to Kuta Cane
Extra 10 eu for rafting activities
The Group Will be 3 person minimum
250 eu/p
Included: food,drink,tent
Black gibbon (hylobaters larz)

Contact our mine office:...............
call : 082366120236

Bukit Lawang is a small tourist village at the bank of the Bahorok River in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia.
The village of Bukit Lawang provides the main access point into the Gunung Leuser National Park, one of only two remaining natural habitats for the Sumatran orag-utan.
Bukit Lawang is located approximately 80km North West of the city Medan. The easiest and cheapest way to get to Bukit Lawang is by bus from Pinang Baris Bus Station in Medan. Get a taxi to drop you off at the station (which is often just a collection of buses at the side of the road) and ask for the bus to Bukit Lawang. The journey takes approximately three hours and the bus attracts jungle guides seeking to sell jungle trips to tourists/backpackers.
Bukit Lawang is well known for the Bohorok Orang utan Sanctuary. The centre has a successful track record of reintegrating orang-utans into the wilderness. Visitors to Bukit Lawang can take the short walk to the orang-utan feeding platorm, located just inside the National Park, which provides an amazing opportunity to view semi wild orang-utans.


Orangutan Expedition tours offers you the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the indigenous wildlife of the North Sumatran rainforest.
Gunung Leuser National Park is one of only a few places left in the world, from where you can still see the Sumatran orangutan in the wild as well as a whole host of other wildlife. Gibbons, Elephants, Hornbills, Thomas Leaf monkeys, Macaques and the Sumatran Tiger are just a handful of the thousand animal and plant species unique to this ecosystem.
We are a Sumatran based organization seeking to create an example of high standard sustainable tourism within this area. Responsible tourism offers the opportunity to aid the conservation of the environment whilst improving the welfare of local people. Our goal is to provide a high quality of experience for the visitor and maintain the quality of the environment of which both our community and the visitors depend.
We create tailor made expeditions and treks to suit everyone from the most adventurous explorer to those wishing for a more gentle introduction to the jungle. Ideal for singles and small groups, budget backpackers or those looking for more luxury. We can cater to the traveller already on the road or those looking for a custom made holiday adventure.
Choose from our many tours and expeditions to design your own itinerary. Our highly experienced guides can take you on a trek, from just a few hours or for as long as two weeks. We also organise experiences of the jungle from different perspectives; take an off road trip to visit the Elephants of Tangakhan or enjoy exhilarating white water rafting on the Wampu river.
If trekking isn’t your thing we can organise for you to visit the Orangutan feeding platform in Bukit Lawang. Choose a more relaxed itinerary with overland visits to Berastagi or the stunning Lake Toba.
All tour durations are flexible according to your schedule and budget. We can advise on flights, arrange airport transfers and accommodation for the duration of your stay.

3 day tour to Bukit Lawang and Tangkahan


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For those on a tight schedule join us for an expedition highlighting the main attractions Gunung Leuser National Park. A 3 day, 2 night exclusive tour to Bukit Lawang and Tangkahan.
Visit the Orangutan feeding platform in Bukit Lawang and enjoy a 1-3 hour elephant trek through the jungle in Tangkahan. Help out with the elephant washing before returning by river tubing to the jungle lodge accommodation.
• Day One
Early morning pick up from Medan and private transportation to hotel accommodation in Bukit Lawang. Lunch and a short trek to the Orangutan feeding platform. Evening meal and over night stay.
• Day Two
Breakfast followed by 2 hour overland open top jeep ride from Bukit Lawang to Tangkahan. Relax at the jungle lodge accommodation. Lunch followed by a 1 or 2 hour elephant trek from Buluh River to the Conservation Response Unit (CRU) elephant camp to help out with the elephant washing. Possible to tube back to Buluh river, close to the jungle lodges. Evening meal and local entertainment.
• Day Three
Relaxing and swimming in pristine clean jungle river. Watch the elephants washing in the river. Barbeque lunch and overland jeep transport back to Bukit Lawang.
N.B: Itinerary may alter according to how long you wish to elephant trek for. 3 hour treks start at 11am and would need to be arranged for Day three. 1 or 2 hour elephant treks can take place on Day two. Other activities can be arranged in Tangkahan, such as, trekking, caving and river tubing.
For more information please contact us.
Pick up by private transportation from Medan
Return off road jeep ride from Bukit Lawang
Permits and fully licensed guides
1 night accommodation in Bukit Lawang and 1 night accommodation in Tangkahan
Cost :180 euro (Based on two person)